The King of Fighters E is a free fighting game you can play on your PC using the Mugen game creation engine. 


There's no installation required. Just unzip and play. The game will feature:

  • 72 fully playable KOF character including characters never before seen in an old school KOF game.

  • 3 different fight modes: One on One, Tag Battle (including Co-op play with a friend) and Team Battle.

  • A classic story for arcade mode for each team. 

Free! Works on Windows XP and higher!


Visit the KOFE Forum at the Mugen Fighters Guild!

December 26, 2019 -

Ramon is just about completed and his video is up in the multimedia section along with a video of Morrigan's basic attacks. She's just about finished. The next big focus will be on Thedge's characters. Stay tuned

December 14, 2019 -

You may have noticed some new changes to the roster. Ramon and Tizoc have replaced Hanzo and Chin. Teams have been readjusted as a result. Hoping to have videos up soon. 

November 30, 2019 -

New Website launched. Sorry for the delay in getting a new website up. I haven't had much time the last couple of months. Rest assured KOFE is continuing and that there'll be more updates soon, including a new Morrigan video.

The most recent version of KOFE (KOFE 2019) was released in May 2019. A full list of updates can be found here

For 2020, here's what is in the cooker:

Spriting Artist Thedge is working away at a custom Raiden, John Crawley and Ryuhaku for KOFE. Basic movements are completed and he's now working on basic attacks.

Spriting Artist Metal Warrior is finishing Morrigan and will move to Cammy.

For 2021, the plan is to finish the rest of the characters:

Spriting Artist Metal Warrior will finish Michael Max and Decapre.

Some point before the end of the project, Vice will get a new look to distinguish her from Mature.

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